Jessica Better Speech

An AI Speech Therapist.

ShoppingBot AI

A tool to train ecommerce chatbots.


A platform to create custom multilingual chatbots.

Knibble AI

A tool to create chatbot and knowledge bases for answers from pdfs and webpages.


A nocode tool to create AI apps.


A tool to create AI bots for various tasks.


An iOS app for outbound calling with automated voicemail.

Texts From My Ex

An dating app for creating meaningful connections through voice analysis.


An app to access chatgpt on Mac.

An AI assistant with models, custom chat bots, and easy file sharing.


A customer service platform to personalized customer engagement solutions.

Prompt Keeps

A platform with expert ai agents.


A platform for deploying autonomous AI agents for professional tasks.


A Telegram Bot to talk to chatgpt.

A tool to connect Google Docs, Confluence, and other apps to ChatGPT and create a company oracle.

A platform to train chatbots for customized support and documentation.


A customer service platform to personalized customer engagement solutions.

A tool to build AI chatbots for websites, customer support and search.

Mano ai

An AI assistant to automate tedious tasks.


A tool to create an AI twin of yourself for your followers to interact with.

Personal GPT

A mac app for summarization, idea generation, and learning assistance works without internet.


An assistant that helps users analyze CSV files and ask questions.


A tool to chat to ai and learn a language with scenes and characters.


A browser extension to use chatgpt, bing, bard and claude chatbots in one sidepanel.

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It's a community. Hence, the contribution and rating helps everyone as a whole1

Tim Shaw - Designer

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